Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Video for S.H.P. "Mercitron" from the recent Malignant Antibodies compilation. Posted by DesolationESP. Thanks for spreading the Plague!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Malignant Antibodies - Released

Great Compilation available for free download including SHP as well as a full spectrum of Malignant Records artists. Put together by Kalpamantra.. recommended!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

 Here's a glimpse of the cover art for the new Steel Hook Prostheses CD "The Empirics Guild" forthcoming on Malignant Records early 2013.
There will be an official trailer out in the coming months produced by our friend Frank Merten of Herbst9 / Land:Fire  German masters and creators of some of the finest Dark Ambiance on the planet.

 It's been nearly five years since the last full length of SHP's new material has been released. The last being "Atrocitizer" back in 2008 on Malignant.
Has it really been that long? Wow! We have still been active over the last five years with numerous compilation appearances, collaborations, solo work etc. During this time we saw the release of "Exploring The Outer Lesion" a collection of compilation tracks from the early years of SHP. Also the double disc Anthology "Cut Off The Nose To Spite The face" that included all of the early EP length limited releases and rarities..
Not to mention, securing digital distribution for three albums from our back catalogue, the creation of the SHP site , youtube channel and seizing control of the page. Throw in a dozen or so mastering projects and that has kept us pretty busy.. Nonetheless, with all of that stuff accomplished we are ready to take SHP full speed ahead into the future laying a filthy path of  sickness infused Death Industrial devastation..

J. Stillings

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New SHP promo vids..

Be sure to check out the new SHP youtube channel

I've got a few new videos up there promoting several albums from our back catalogue now available at for download.. Thanks for looking, J.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Digital Distribution

SHP albums now availale on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Music and all other major digital music distribution outlets..

Malignant Antibodies

Promo video for an upcoming compilation featuring the track "Mercitron" by Steel Hook Prostheses

Kalpamantra and Malignant Records team up to bring you the latest digital compilation, Malignant Antibodies. Due July/August, prepare for the smoothest dark ambient and harshest power electronics ever presented to you by Malignant Records' arsenal.

Download this free digital album compilation entitled "A Thorough Examination of a Corpse" recently released by Compulsive Masturbation Productions. This release features the Steel Hook track "Gumma" Also many other outstanding artists.. J
Steel Hook Prostheses have been included along with a great list of other American composers on the new Annihilvs Power Electronix compilation :


Welcome to the new official Steel Hook Prostheses home on the web.
Navigate the links up top to buy music, watch official videos, stream SHP radio on as well as other locations where we have made our presence known.. Thanks for looking, J.